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For over thirty years, Mr. Payne has represented military professionals facing criminal charges or allegations of misconduct. Attorney Payne’s extensive experience with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and a practice dedicated to zealous representation in the most serious of charges, the Mr. Payne is prepared to any military allegations in Courts-Martial or Administrative Discharge proceedings.

As a retired Marine Colonel, Mr. Payne possesses a vast amount of knowledge relating to the laws that govern military practice. He has experienced them first-hand from both sides of the court: first, as Marine officer who defended the accused service men and women, later, as a military judge in the Reserves presiding over courts-martial, and, currently, as a professional legal advocate for those facing investigation and prosecution under military law. His extensive experience in military courts has left virtually no area of practice uncovered.

The W. James Payne Law Firm works confidently on behalf of the military accused, employing only the most honorable, yet creative and aggressive strategies of defense tactics. When it comes to criminal military allegations Mr. Payne fully understands that there is no room for error.

Attorney Payne is a retired Colonel of the United States Marine Corps Reserves, serving for three years on active duty and over thirty years. in the Reserves. He served for five years as a Military Judge. His personal experience as a military service member combined with his time as a military attorney and has provided Mr. Payne with the skill and knowledge to successfully defend accused military service members in cases not only in the United States, but overseas as well.